Nikolas & Victoria

Annette the highlight clip is just amazing! Nik and I are both so happy!
You really captured the day perfectly and showed exactly what it the day meant to us. Just one big party!
— Nikolas & Victoria
Annette-and-Dani-Films-Vic and Nik2-wedding-video.jpg
Annette-and-Dani-Films-Vic and Nik3-wedding-video.jpg

The day

This wedding was not just an event but a festival. The groom’s family started partying the night before the wedding and continued the next morning, then the groom’s family moved the celebration to the bride’s house following a lovely old Greek tradition.

The party then took everyone to a traditional (and slightly more subdued) ceremony in Templestowe, then back into the streets where the bridal party even danced with strangers in the middle of Burke St in the city.

The bride was hard to miss we must admit, in a gown by Cappallazzo and a look put together by Cassandra Luci, Hustle and Blow, and Make Up by Alessandra. We also have to mention the crisp white flowers from Bouquet Melbourne.

The party finished many, many hours later at Peninsula, including a cameo appearance from our favourite bazooka player Steve Pavlidis and music from DJ Nik M. The couple were natural talents on the dance floor (as were the rest of the guests), so we had a great time filming the celebration (and some difficulty restraining ourselves from wanting to dance too!)

We were blessed to work alongside Theo from Loco Photography who is not only an awesome artist but a pretty lovely guy as well.

Such a fun and memorable day, exactly what you want a wedding day to be.

You and Dani were both so easy to work with and I’m sooo happy that we were lucky enough to have you. I was never certain with what I wanted for our day, but the one thing I knew for the start was that I wanted you to do my video.
— Nikolas & Victoria


VIDEO - Annette & Dani // PHOTOGRAPHY - Loco Photography // VENUE - Peninsula, Atlantic Group // DRESS - Cappellazzo Couture // GROOM’S SUIT - Travellers Apparel // MUA - Cassandra Lusi + Alessandra Maiolo // HAIR - Hustle and Blow // FLOWERS - Bouquet Melbourne // MUSIC - Steve Pavlidis + Nik M DJ // Invitations: Paradise Invitations